Ho’okahua Ai “HA” Mentorship Program

Ho’okahua Ai (to build a foundation of nutrition, sustenance, communication and sharing) “HA” Mentorship Program is our current ongoing project at the Ho’ea Korean Natural Farming Learning Center with 18 enthusiastic and dedicated Kohala youth.

Our Youth Leadership Project provides North Hawaii youth opportunities to prepare and become tomorrow’s leaders.

We engage our Youth through innovative mentorships. Our Youth gain practical experience through hands-on learning and individualized instruction from community experts.

Students completing the program will not only attain tangible and marketable skills, but will also have opportunities to earn and save money by putting what they have learned into practice. This is possible through internships at local businesses, individual development accounts and entrepreneurial training opportunities.

Kahua Pa’a Mua hosts quarterly Ho’ike inviting community members to learn and enjoy local food grown by the youth of the mentorship program.


Korean Natural Farming


Animal Husbandry

October 6th Animal Husbandry allowed our haumana to clean up the road leading to Waikama pasture and after a long day of clean up, they were able to enjoy an afternoon of bonding at Kapanaia Bay during our quarterly Ho’ike

December 1st Animal Husbandry, our haumana were able to reinforce the goat pen for safety and also eliminating the non productive chickens on the farm. The haumana engaged with Mentor Dave with the process, from how to hold the chickens to plucking the feathers to practicing clean handling for consumption.

June 1st haumana was able to work with the newest additions at the farm, our piglets. Soon after the piglets are born, they need to be doctored and the students were able to get a hands-on experience. Part of the doctoring includes castrating the males to ensure good meat quality and tamer hogs. Administering medication is also required to prevent illnesses that could effect their growth and finally clipping of their eye teeth is to help the sow (mother) to comfortably nurse without pain. 

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