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Project Reach Out /Aloha Legion was organized by Makela Bruno-Kidani, Project Coordinator and a Clinical Therapist dba Kaia Ola Integrative Healing.  Ms. Bruno-Kidani brought her message of hope and awareness designed to reach the kids at their level, speak to them in words they understand, music they identify with, lyrics that had meaning to them. The students at all the schools were very receptive to the one-hour presentation and after hearing these messages, gave positive testimonies.  Assemblies at Laupahoehoe High & Intermediate, Honokaa High School, Waimea Middle School and Kanu ‘O ka Aina charter Schools were held on two separate dates.

April 13, 2018 PRO was brought to both Laupahoehoe Intermediate/High Charter school and Honokaa High School.  LHS had approximately 60 students in attendance and Honokaa HS reached an audience of almost 500 students.  Entertainers (3) from Oahu called “808 Viral” who these students were familiar through social media and YouTube presentations were well received.  They presented a motivational talk about anti-bullying, self esteem, and message of hope in difficult real life situations for these young people.  These entertainers more well known as Kapena Q, Big Mox, and  Bosswitdasauce entertained with their message and a skit for 20 minutes.  Testimonies from Aunty Tammy on being able to accept who you are, being gay and a cancer survivor, Makela’s own experience with anxiety and depression and Lehua, a student from Honokaa with her story on a hard family life, depression, and dealing with low self-esteem,  followed this performance.  The MC for the day was KWXX (radio station) G. Cruz who kept the presentation interesting and flowing, and played music relating to these young people. Students were singing and moving to the sounds/lyrics.

At the closing of each assembly, a Card of Contacts was passed out to the students, which listed Crises hot lines and sponsors, with a “purple” Herseys kisses, purple being the color for suicide awareness.  The message to reach out to the many people available to them – they are not alone.  Students were encouraged to seek help for all life’s crises because we live Aloha and they too are part of this Aloha.

April 27, 2018 PRO was brought to Waimea Middle School and Kanu ‘O ka Aina Charter Schools.  Waimea Middle (approx. 50 students) and Kanu (approx.30 students) – these schools were logistically more difficult to service since testing was ongoing for many of the grade levels, their halls were not available to have entire student body in attendance at once, and administration last minute needed to adjust attendance.  Entertainers (2) from Honolulu had already flown in, “Lethal Giggles”.  They were a big hit doing a game called “Compliments” using students from the audience.  The object (message) was to sit face to face one on one student and only give them compliments without laughing.  A point against the team was for their own member or the other team’s member to break out in a laugh. Very funny exercise in being forced to say nice words to another peer.  Examples:  “You have beautiful eyebrows like my Uncle who I really love”.  “I love the shape of your ears, they remind me of my pet dog”. Etc.  This group was very effective in presenting their message of being kind to one another, show aloha to all.  The testimonies of Aunty Tammy, whom most of the students knew because she is employed PT as a student aide in Waimea Middle and Student Lehua who the students also knew, because she lives in Waimea.  GCruz of KWXX master of ceremonies was able to give out (to all the schools) items of landyards, stickers, and hats donated by local business, Creative Arts, Mr. Randy Kurohara.  As in previous performances, passed out were contact cards and purple kisses.


WAIMEA — A lot of giggles could be heard inside Kahilu Town Hall Friday afternoon as 60 or so Waimea Middle School (WMS) sixth graders listened intently while eight of their classmates played “the compliment game.”

Source: Project Reach Out: Volunteers spread motivational message to teens, one school at a time – West Hawaii Today

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